Non-timber forest products in Tayap (Cameroon). Photo credit: AGRIPO via Wikimedia Commons
Increasing intra-African trade in forest products
Available records on intra-African trade in forest products indicate that the volumes traded have been very small. However, there are potentially big unrecorded, and possibly very significant, illegal sales of forest products across national borders.
Timber harvesting in a Ghanian forest. Photo © AFF/Godwin Kowero
Increased participation of the private sector and civil society in forest management
The increasing involvement of rural communities, as small holder farmers, in forestry issues, as well as the private sector and civil society could significantly influence how forests are managed in future.
A West Usambara Two-horned Chameleon (two horns), in the Usambara Mountains, Tanzania. Photo credit: Ales kocourek
Promotion of a holistic management approach of African forests
Following the Rio+20 Summit in June 2012, the global community is increasingly turning its attention and focus towards a “green growth” economic pathway.
Dr. Ing. Rosalie Matondo, Minister of Forestry, Sustainable Development and the Environment, in a past event in a forest plantation in Congo Brazzaville. Photo © AFF/Godwin Kowero
Improving forest seed and germplasm management in forest plantations
Forests and planted trees provide sustenance to many millions of people in Africa, particularly the vulnerable, women and children. Balancing utilisation of forest resources and growth of forests and trees forms the basis of sustainable forest management (SFM).

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