Non-timber forest products in Tayap Cameroon: photo credit AGRIPO via Wikimedia Commons

The African Forest Forum (AFF) invites interested forestry stakeholders to join a Community of Practice focused on Non-Timber Forest Products (NTFPs) value chains to be held virtually from 15th November to 3rd December 2021.

The aim of the online forum is to provide a platform for sharing of knowledge, resources and best practices amongst African forestry stakeholders, with focus on NTFPs and how they can contribute to livelihood and climate resilience. Further, discuss challenges, opportunities and share best practices as well as useful resources for supporting development of the value chains of:

  • NTFPs that are of nutritional, medicinal and cosmetic significance in general with particular focus on gums and resins;
  • NTFPs of wood products (e.g., firewood, charcoal, wood carvings, etc.).

 During the first three days of each week, a Zoom meeting will be held starting with a short introductory presentation of about 20 minutes followed by discussion / experience sharing among participants. The remaining 2 days of each week, participants will continue sharing experiences through an e-discussion platform.

Register in advance for the e-discussion platform:

For more information click here to download the concept note.