CCARDESA will be hosting a Regional Forestry Webinar titled “Achieving Sustainable Forest Management Through Research and Development in SADC”. This webinar is targeted at policy makers, researchers, academics and development agents. The purpose of the webinar is to.

  1. Share information on the status of forest resource and management in the Region
  2. Share information on state of forestry research in the region
  3. Identify areas of synergy and potential regional focus areas
  4. Identify potential lead institutions for different research focus areas; and
  5. Develop a mechanism to integrate forestry research coordination into the CCARDESA programmes implementation model.

The meeting will take place on:

Date: 17th & 18th November 2021

Time 0900hrs -1700hrs CAT

Venue: ZOOM

For more details and registration,  follow the link below:

This information is shared by AFF on behalf of CCARDESA