Membership to the African Forest Forum is open to individuals from academic, governmental, non governmental,and commercial institutions,the private sector, farmer organisations,and any other body concerned with the promotion of, support of, or research intoforests, forest management and forest products, and trees outside forests.

The Forum has over 2000 members,with 94% from African countries, and 6% from overseas. Membership is from 51 African countries, and 33 other countries around the world.

Current members come from backgrounds such as academia,government ministries/departments, NGOs, the private sector, and farmer organisations. We use our diverse backgrounds to work for the sustainable management and use of tree and forest resources. Together we can protect the environment and improve the lives of African people.

We welcome interested individuals to become members and encourage them to apply online.

We support our members by:

  • Providing them with technical expertise and advice on funding opportunities for priority issues, programmes, projects and activity development.
  • Providing them with information about job opportunities, meetings, and new publications, through direct mailings andthrough our website.
  • Providing them with information on new developments in forestry and sharing AFF studies and analyses with them.
  • Involving them in permanent and ad hoc task forces, think tanks and committees to analyse and provide detailed advice on specific issues.
  • Involving them in initiating and implementing pilot projects in collaboration with African and/or other partner institutions.
  • Commissioning them as experts andinvolving their institutions in conducting research that furthers global knowledge of African forestry.