The African Forest Forum (AFF) is a pan-African non-governmental organization with its headquarters in Nairobi, Kenya. The purpose of AFF is to provide a platform and create an enabling environment for independent and objective analysis, advocacy and advice on relevant policy and technical issues pertaining to achieving sustainable management, use and conservation of Africa’s forest and tree resources as part of efforts to reduce poverty, promote gender equality, and economic and social development.

2018 marked a decade since the establishment of the African Forest Forum (AFF).  In the ten years since its founding, AFF has provided a bridge between science-based knowledge and strong policies that support sustainable forest management; effectively working within a science-policy-management framework. As awareness has grown on the role of forests and trees in national economic development, livelihoods and environmental stability, AFF has steadily gained membership and capacity to work on these and other issues.

Overall objective

In preparation of the 10-year anniversary event to commemorate the work done by founders, members, staff, Governing Council representatives, and partners towards reaching this milestone, AFF seeks a qualified individual or firm to produce (2) videos: 1) A Video #1 celebrating the 10th Anniversary of AFF with interviews of historical figures associated with the Institution; and 2) A Video #2 for general audiences providing a narrated voice over to include the opportunities and challenges facing Africa’s forests and tree resources, AFF historical information, AFF’s contribution and collaboration with various partners through testimonials, impact of AFF activities at the continental, regional and national levels.

Scope of Work and Specific Tasks

Under the overall guidance and supervision of the AFF Executive Secretary with support from the Communications Specialist and other staff, the selected film production house or individual will be responsible for the following:

  • Review relevant literature, documents and materials provided by AFF and undertake consultations with select AFF staff;
  • Deliver a draft script and documentary outline for AFF’s comments and review;
  • Coordinating the filming and all relevant local and online interviews with AFF founding members, select Governing Council representatives, partners, donors, stakeholders, beneficiaries, and others – to be decided upon
  • Liaising with AFF Secretariat on production schedules, filming, filming formats, and location access
  • Produce two videos ensuring that the correct technical requirements are followed
  • Present the documentary film to the AFF secretariat for review and feedback;
  • Finalize the documentary film incorporating feedback from the AFF team.

Technical Requirements

  1. Video 1 – should be no more than 15 minutes in length.
  2. Video 2 – should be no more than 5 minutes in length.
  3. Video 2 should include a collage of existing or stock video footage, photographs of AFF events, activities, providers, and testimonials; as well as new footage filmed and/or photographed by the contractor.
  4. The video should include music, creative graphics and a voice over.
  5. Contractor will provide copywriting for voice over.
  6. Videos must be broadcast quality in multiple formats, i.e. MP4, CD, USB and web enabled.
  7. Video 1 is due on April 15, 2018 and Video 2 is due on April 30, 2019 or sooner.


The production company or individual will deliver the following:

  1. An inception report that includes an implementation strategy, plus a detailed production and post-production schedule for the filming process, as well as a draft script including proposed interview questions for comments by AFF Secretariat.
  2. Raw footages captured in project areas.
  3. First cut of the films for comments.
  4. Two videos: 1) A Video #1 celebrating the 10th Anniversary of AFF with interviews of historical figures associated with the Institution; and 2) A Video #2 for general audiences
  5. The product should be available in English in HD broadcast quality. Subtitles in French are also to be added on the films.

Qualifications and experience

  • Minimum 8 years’ experience in video production.
  • At least three (3) samples of video material produced. The samples must be submitted on DVD, USB memory stick or via an online link.
  • At least 4 contactable references where similar services were rendered.

How to apply

Attach the proposal and creative approach to video recording, editing and packaging. Must also include the workplan and timelines for producing the videos. Submit these along with samples of work and by e-mail with subject line: EXPRESSION OF INTEREST FOR AFF 10th ANNIVERSARY VIDEO PRODUCTION SERVICES addressed to:  with a copy to:


Applications must be received by the Secretariat before or by 19 March 2019;