As part of the AIDS-funded Global Forest Transformation for Peoples and Climate: A Focus on West Africa, FAO, in collaboration with ecoWAS Regional Agency for Agriculture and Food (ARAA/RAAF), is honoured to announce the launch of an open and competitive call for proposals for community forest and land management demonstration initiatives. The project supports the implementation of ECOWAS’ forest convergence plan for the sustainable management and use of forest ecosystems in West Africa.

As part of this call, the project will select and support small initiatives to develop, demonstrate and share knowledge about sustainable community land and forest management in West Africa, and to highlight its potential economic, social and environmental contributions to the benefit of the population and the global environment.

If you are interested in participating in this call, please note that:

– The deadline for submitting proposals is 11 April 2021 at 23:59 (GMT)

– Submissions and enquiries should only be sent to this email box: FAO-SRO-West Africa (FAOSFW)

– Any e-mail must clearly indicate the specific purpose of the mail, in order to facilitate the management of correspondence and ensure confidentiality:

  • Show of interest to submit a proposal OR
  • Request for information/clarification OR
  • Submission of a proposal.

For more information, go to: