This synthesis report is based on three recent forest health studies commissioned by the African Forest Forum (AFF) in Eastern, Southern, and West and Central Africa (Bosu, 2016; Gichora, 2016; Kojwang, 2015) as well as literature reviews on the subject of management of forest pests and diseases in the North of the continent. It highlights the following:

Inventory of forest and tree pests and diseases in Africa including current trends and drivers;
The impact of the identified pests and diseases on forest production and products at all levels (farm, natural and plantation forests, and transboundary forest areas) and their economic implications including gender considerations;
Appropriate protocols for the surveillance of pests and diseases and recommend ways for their implementation at national and regional levels; and,
Assessment of and propose modalities (including policies, laws and institutional capacity), for facilitating the development of mechanisms and actions for surveillance of forest and trees pest and disease prevalence.