Knowledge is one of the primary tools in AFF’s mission to promote the sustainable management and use of tree and forest resources on the African continent. The AFF Knowledge Management Strategy (2021-2025), aims to strengthen AFF’s position as a leading forestry knowledge brokerage institution. It provides a conceptual framework for the generation, management, sharing, communication and transfer of knowledge of forest related information among the many stakeholders involved in the African forestry sector.

The strategy is based on a needs’ assessment undertaken with the AFF Secretariat staff, members and partners. Key capacity gaps identified through this process included; limited capacity to use knowledge management (KM) as an important tool in organizational management; inadequate capacity to use various tools available to enhance knowledge collation, sharing and use; weak  cooperation with stakeholders to  learn from their experiences in knowledge management; and no clearly streamlined roles and responsibilities in KM and partnerships for effective implementation of the KM Strategy.

The recommended actions seek to ensure that the AFF community—including secretariat staff, Governing Council members and partners—are equipped to better understand and play more active roles in knowledge management.


Under the supervision of the Executive Secretary, the consultant will strengthen the information and knowledge management capacity of Governing Council members and partners from Anglophone Africa through a one-day virtual workshop.


The consultant will be recruited to undertake the following tasks:

  1. Design and conduct a one-day virtual capacity building workshop on how knowledge management can improve organizational management, in addition to addressing the other gaps identified above.
  2. Facilitate a session to address common issues and challenges related to knowledge management.
  3. Encourage peer-to-peer relationships for ongoing collaboration and knowledge sharing
  4. Maximize learning, capture experience and convergence on a set of framework principles towards 2025 and beyond in line with the African Forest Forum Strategy (2021-2025).


  • Strengthened capacity of about 30 AFF members on knowledge management
  • 1 training report on the above developed


  • Master’s degree or higher in KM/Communications/Media/Library and Information Studies, MBA or equivalent post graduate degree relevant to KM and Organisational Development.
  • Relevant experience in knowledge management and capacity development:
    • Consultant level B (Expert) – at least 10 years of progressively responsible, professional-level experience in organizational or action learning, development, knowledge management and/or monitoring, evaluation and learning
    • Consultant level C (Specialist) – at least 5 years of relevant experience
  • Demonstrated understanding and experience in developing and leading knowledge management programmes, facilitating communities of practice and social networking.
  • Proven track record on developing and implementing Knowledge Management Systems.
  • High level of research competence and abreast of current research and best practice in the Knowledge Management domain.
  • Excellent oral and written communication, analytical and presentation skills


 Attach all the supporting documents, including CV, letter of application, and submit by e-mail with subject line: EXPRESSION OF INTEREST FOR AFF KNOWLEDGE MANAGEMENT CONSULTANT (KM WORKSHOP) addressed to: d. gitonga@cgiar.org and copied to  g.kowero@cgiar.org .


Applications must be received by the Secretariat before or by 7 June 2021. Only successful applicants will be informed of the outcome.