Photo credit: INBAR – International Bamboo and Rattan Organization

Country: Ghana (Homebased and field work)
Study Location: National
Organization: INBAR – International Bamboo and Rattan Organization
Program: INBAR Global Programme
Project: Inter-Africa Bamboo Smallholder Farmers Livelihood Development Programme
Duration: February to April, 2019

The Inter-Africa Bamboo Smallholder Farmers Livelihood Development Programme is an initiative of the International Bamboo and Rattan Organization (INBAR) that seeks to harness the potential of bamboo to contribute to poverty reduction, women and youth employment, environmental protection and south-south cooperation in line with the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). With financial support from the International Fund for Agricultural Development (IFAD), the programme aims to enhance incomes, livelihoods and climate change adaptive capacities of African smallholder farmers, women and youth by upscaling and increasing their participation in climate-smart bamboo value chains. The programme will intervene in the following four themes: (1) upscaling and diversifying existing target country bamboo value chains and promoting industrialization; (2) facilitating restoration of degraded areas; (3) integrating bamboo into country development plans, particularly for climate change; (4) enhancing South-South Cooperation within Africa and between Africa and China. Under the upscaling and industrialization theme, the programme will develop investment opportunities based on accurate resource assessments and strengthen institutions to enable wide-scale implementation. To facilitate restoration of degraded areas, the programme aims to boost market demand for bamboo resources and improve planting material delivery systems and management to reverse land degradation, reduce erosion, and protect watersheds. The programme will also build local and national capacities to assess and identify how to enhance bamboo’s economic & environmental benefits. To enhance south-south cooperation, the programme will enable sharing and transfer of best practices, knowledge, skills and technologies for bamboo development within Africa and from China.

To contribute to the achievement of objectives of the programme, one of the major focus of the programme is the understand the current policy environment and the implications of bamboo integration into sustainable development planning and strategies of African countries. INBAR is seeking for an eligible consultant to conduct bamboo policy integration analysis in Ghana.

To download the terms of reference for this consultancy, click on the link below


Applications will be accepted until 20/02/2019. All applications will be acknowledged; however, only shortlisted candidates will be contacted for further action.