The XV World Forestry Congress Secretariat invites you to submit abstracts for papers, posters and videos as well as proposals for side events.  The submissions should address the Congress theme, Building a Green, Healthy and Resilient Future with Forests (details on the theme and sub-themes can be found on the website).

The deadline for submissions of abstracts for papers and posters and side event proposals has been extended to 5 October 2020, and the deadline to submit videos is 18 November 2020.  The XV WFC website is currently being updated to reflect these changes.

Held every 6 years since 1926, the World Forestry Congress has been providing a unique opportunity for global forest stakeholders to review, analyze and address key challenges that the sector faces. It has also served as a forum that produces an overview of the sector, create awareness in decision-makers, and influence public opinion.

The WFC Secretariat looks forward to receiving contributions from many diverse stakeholders on a number of topics to help shape this very timely event!

* This information is shared by the African Forest Forum (AFF) on behalf of the WFC Secretariat