The Africa Science and Technology Advisory Group (Af-STAG) is an advisory and advocacy body created by the African Union in 2019 to promote the engagement of educators, scientists, researchers and technology experts in the development and implementation of regional and national disaster risk reduction policies, strategies, and plans. The mission of the group has been to provide scientific and technical support to the African countries for the implementation of the Disaster Risk Reduction agenda in Africa. Through the work of its members, it aims to support the generation of analyses, scientific and technical information for effective implementation of Africa Regional Strategy for Disaster Risk Reduction, Sendai Framework for DRR 2015-2030, and the African Union Agenda 2063. The group also acts as an advocacy group to promote the critical importance of utilizing disaster risk related science and data for guiding national and regional development plans and strategies.

This application is open to all African citizens. Please see link below  for further information about AfSTAG membership and its application requirements.


Similarly the Africa Youth Advisory Board for Disaster Risk Reduction (AYAB DRR), an inclusive, open, and transparent platform for meaningful engagement with African youth on Disaster risk and related issues, as well as to provide advisory services in regional DRR policy design, implementation, and review. The AYAB DRR also seeks to advocate and assist in facilitating capacity building and empowering platforms for African Youth to enhance and upscale their ability to be ‘agents of change’ in DRR and lay the foundations for future generations of African leaders who seek to build resilient and sustainable societies on the continent.

This application is open to all young African citizens under the age of 35 years. Please see link below or attached PDFs for further information regarding AYAB DRR membership and application requirements.


Deadline for applications: 4 September 2022

This information is shared by AFF on behalf of the African Union Commission (AUC).