Photo: ArabukoSokoke Forest, Kilifi County, Kenya  © African Forest Forum (AFF)

The African Forest Forum (AFF) is a pan-African non-governmental organization with its headquarters in Nairobi, Kenya. It is an association of individuals who share the quest for and commitment to the sustainable management, use and conservation of the forest and tree resources of Africa for the socio- economic wellbeing of its people and for the stability and improvement of its environment. The purpose of AFF is to provide a platform and create an enabling environment for independent and objective analysis, advocacy and advice on relevant policy and technical issues pertaining to achieving sustainable management, use and conservation of Africa’s forest and tree resources as part of efforts to reduce poverty, promote gender equality, and economic and social development.

AFF is engaged in the development and implementation of projects and activities, and in close collaboration with a wide range of stakeholders. One area of concern has been the link between forests, climate change and the people who depend on forest resources, as a contribution to the strengthening of a Climate Change Program (AFF-CCP) in the institution. The purpose of the program is to better understand how forests and trees, and the people who depend on them in the various African landscapes, respond to climate change and variability. It’s also expected to guide decision makers and stakeholders in strengthening and developing the forests/climate nexus for improved climate change mitigation and adaptation policies and practices.

Since 2011, AFF is implementing a Swiss Development Cooperation (SDC) funded project titled “African forests, people and climate change” that is in its third phase with as overall objective to enhance the role of African forests in assisting people adapt to the effects of climate change in various landscapes in ways that will improve livelihoods, sustain biodiversity, and secure the quality of the environment. One key important specific objective since the first phase was to build and improve capacity to address forest related climate change issues. Within this objective, AFF recognizes that the establishment and operationalization of human capacities are essential for an effective approach to various issues related to climate change, as well as to improve the quality of knowledge transfer. In this regard, the institution has developed and launched eight training compendiums to support capacity building and skills development on the continent to facilitate better handling of climate change issues in forestry.

The compendiums are tailored for different audiences, including those at professional and technical levels, as well as for guiding delivery of short courses. The latter also target extension agents and civil society organisations that interact with local communities; and this is the approach AFF has taken to get its information reach local communities. The training compendiums are the first of their kind in Africa, and most likely in the world, and are based on demands by African forestry and related training institutions expressed through a need’s assessment conducted by AFF. These compendiums have been translated into French to target the francophone forestry stakeholders

In the perspective of continuing in such development and translation for the other training modules on forest and climate change adaptation, AFF is, as per its annual work plan of 2022 seeks translation services for three contextualized teaching materials, on forests and climate change adaptation for professional, technical and short courses training in African forestry.

Under the supervision of the Executive Secretary, the consultants will focus on providing English to French translation services for three training compendiums on climate change adaptation for professional, technical and short courses training in African forestry.

The consultants will be recruited to undertake the English to French translation of the documents outlined below.

List of AFF training compendiums for English to French translation
1. Forests and climate change adaptation: A compendium for professional training in African forestry (English language, 267 pages)
2. Forests and climate change adaptation: A compendium for technical training in African forestry (English language, 196 pages)
3. Forests and climate change adaptation: A compendium for short courses in African forestry (English language, 105 pages)

Three AFF training compendiums translated from English to French as listed above.

Expression of interest and quotations for undertaking English to French translation of the knowledge products outlined above, should be submitted by e-mail with subject line: EXPRESSION OF INTEREST FOR ENGLISH TO FRENCH TRANSLATION SERVICES AFF TRAINING COMPENDIUMS addressed to: d. and copied to and Applications must be received by the Secretariat before or by 25 April 2021.

Only successful applicants will be informed of the outcome.

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