The African Forest Forum (AFF) is a pan-African non-governmental organization with its headquarters in Nairobi, Kenya. It is an association of individuals who share the quest for and commitment to the sustainable management, use and conservation of the forest and tree resources of Africa for the socio- economic wellbeing of its people and for the stability and improvement of its environment. The purpose of AFF is to provide a platform and create an enabling environment for independent and objective analysis, advocacy and advice on relevant policy and technical issues pertaining to achieving sustainable management, use and conservation of Africa’s forest and tree resources as part of efforts to reduce poverty, promote gender equality, economic and social development, and environmental stability.

In 2019, AFF received funding from the Swedish International Development Cooperation Agency (Sida) to implement a three (3) year project entitled “Strengthening management and use of forest ecosystems for sustainable development in Africa.” This is a follow up project of previously Sida supported five (5) project entitled “Strengthening sustainable forest management in Africa”. The overall goal of the project is “to generate and share knowledge and information through partnerships in ways that provide inputs into policy and decision-making options and capacity building, for improved forest management that better address poverty eradication and environmental protection in Africa.” One of the key project objectives is to enhance the capacity of key stakeholders to sustainably manage the forest resource base in ways that enhance the supply of ecosystem goods and services, including through Sustainable Land Management (SLM) approaches, interventions to contain loss of forest cover, wise and efficient use of forest resources, and sustainable management of forests.

AFF has shared with many stakeholders considerable information that this project has generated, in addition to training others to bridge gaps in capacities to address some issues broached by this project. In this regard, AFF wishes to garner the good practices and lessons learnt by documenting the changes it has brought as a result of the training and knowledge shared to the stakeholders it targeted in selected Anglophone and Francophone countries. The outcome of this task will be information AFF can use to inform future project development and implementation, and similar undertakings, in addition to evaluating how the information has contributed to building the body of knowledge in sustainable management of African forests. Further the task will unveil how the shared information and training sessions have informed national and local policy directions, in addition to being of use to the wider public.

In the above context, AFF seeks the services of a consultant(s) or firm to document cases/stories of participants who benefited from the information shared and trainings undertaken by this project, targeting the countries of Kenya, Zambia and Cameroon, from which many participants were drawn. The case stories will include written stories, photos, short videos for social media and a documentary video amassed by interviewing participants, showcasing how the information gained and trainings they participated in have been used in their context..

The consultant(s) or firm should form a team of relevant resource persons or staff members who will work closely with AFF’s Senior Communications Officer, and the Planning, Monitoring, Evaluation and Reporting (PMER) Specialist, under the supervision of AFF’s Executive Secretary.

The specific tasks will be to:
i). To review relevant documents and other information provided by AFF on the shared information and trainings undertaken, including additional consultations with relevant AFF staff.
ii). Identify, from information obtained, potential areas for relevant feedback information, including stories, from the participants
iii). Structure the way the different forms/kinds of feedback will be obtained/captured, e.g. through interviews, group discussions, material prepared by the participants, on basis of the trainings and information shared, and used for various purposes, photos, video clips, etc.
iv). Prepare a programme on how the tasks will be undertaken. This will include more details on how to:
(a) Develop a video treatment and script for each case that presents a clear storyline for the documentary. An example are short videos on the impact of AFF’s work in the selected cases/stories for social and online media.
(b) Produce high-resolution photographs of the selected cases /stories and participants
(c) Capture at least one quote from each beneficiary in the written story.
(d) Develop one sample written story and a video of a case in Kenya, to later be evaluated by staff at the AFF Secretariat before production of the remaining stories
v). The consultant will be responsible for the recruitment, payment of professional fees, logistical and travel expenses of the members of her/his team, as well as insurance of him/her and the team.

The following deliverables are expected:
(i) Inception report that details how the work will be undertaken given the terms of reference;
(ii) Three written stories per country, and at least three quotes per country;
(iii) High quality photos of the interviewees and case story areas/scenes (minimum 10 per country);
(iv) Three short videos, from different countries, on identified areas of the success stories (around 2 minutes each) for online and social media ;
(v) High definition edited final video (maximum 15 minutes long) with original background score, French subtitles, narration, existing, stock or video footage and animation (where necessary);
(vi) Raw footages, snippets, interviews, time lapses, photos, background scores, working files, etc. that should be placed in separate folders, along with the final videos in a hard drive, to be submitted to AFF.

The consultants’ team or firm should have at least 3 highly experienced experts, including a communication expert who will oversee the development of the deliverables on key achievements and success stories.

• Master’s degree in a field relevant to the assignment, such as Communication, Journalism, Mass Media, Development Studies, etc.
• At least 3 prior working experiences in documentation of best practices, lessons and case stories, and feature writing in newspapers.
• Have at least 3 years of experience in developing reports, reviews, quality impact evaluation, and documentation of program best practices.
• At least 5 years of practical experience working in forestry, environment or sustainable development would be an added advantage.
• Prior experience in managing teams for similar consulting assignments.
• Demonstrate ability to comply with deadlines, handle multiple tasks, and take initiative.
• Proficiency in written and spoken English; French would be an added advantage.

• At least five years of progressive experience in journalism and TV and/or audio-video recording, editing, and media production.
• Clear understanding of technical aspects of video making process.
• Professional qualifications (degree-level) in photography, film production or related fields.
• At least 5 years of professional experience and track record in professional photography and videography.
• Prior working experience in development of videos in the sectors of natural resource management, climate change, environmental sustainability would be an added advantage.
• Possession of own equipment for the work.
• Ability to deliver within timelines provided.

The duration of the contract will be two months, starting on 15 March 2022 and ending on 15 May 2022.

Applications should include a financial proposal with a breakdown of air and ground transport, professional fees, DSAs etc.

The following should form part of the application:
a) Motivation letter detailing justification for selection
b) CVs of associated professionals or team members
c) Proposed workplan.
d) A sample of previous work in the same or related area.
e) A financial proposal for the assignment.

Applications should be emailed to d.gitonga@cgiar.org; d.kobong@cgiar.org with a copy to d.mutta@cgiar.org and exec.sec@afforum.org by 4 March 2022 with the subject line “Consultancy to develop videos and stories of capacity building beneficiaries in Kenya, Zambia and Cameroon.”

To download the Terms of Reference, click here.