ACW 2023 Side event:

Forests and carbon credits: opportunities and challenges in tapping climate finance for investment in Africa

Brief description

Forests and trees outside forests play a significant role in climate change mitigation and
adaptation. Article 5.2 of Paris Agreement provides impetus to Parties to implement and support
policy approaches and positive incentives for activities relating to reducing emissions from
deforestation and forest degradation and the role of conservation, sustainable management of
forests and enhancement of forest carbon stocks. It also stresses for the alternative policy
approaches such as joint mitigation and adaptation approaches for the integral and sustainable
management of forests. This has provided an opportunity to project developers and multi-lateral
financial institutions as well as philanthropic organizations among others to invest in forest and
tree-based carbon offsets.

The realization of the benefits of Art 5.2 of Paris Agreement are in congruent with Art 6.2 of Paris
Agreement that will enable Parties and other actors in the forest value chain capitalize on cooperative approaches such as Internationally Transferred Mitigation Outcomes (ITMOs) for
carbon trading. This is expected to catalyze investments in developing nations towards realization
of their sustainable development goals.

In Africa, for example, there are series of piloted forest and tree-based carbon projects that
Parties and actors in the forestry sector can draw key achievements, challenges and lessons
learnt to advance investment in forestry for carbon removal and enhancement. Some of these
case studies include: Mai Ndombe REDD+ Project in western Democratic Republic of Congo; Bale
Mountains Eco Region and Oromia REDD+ project in Ethiopia; Kasigau Corridor Phase I&II and
Chyulu Hills REDD+projects in Kenya; Making REDD+ Work for Communities and Forest
Conservation in Tanzania; and Kariba REDD+ in northwestern Zimbabwe along southern shore of
Lake Kariba among others.

In spite of these few piloted forest and tree-based carbon offset projects, little is known about
them. This side event therefore will provide opportunity to the players in the forestry sector to
familiarize themselves about forest and carbon credits as an opportunity for addressing climate
change mitigation and establish networks to tap climate finance for investment at all levels.

High level speakers:
1. Dr Jane Njuguna-Host and Director, Kenya Forestry Research Institute
2. Mr. Jackson Kiplagat-Head of Conservation Programmes World Wide Fund for Nature
(WWF-Kenya) and a Member of WWF Global Conservation Committee.
3. Prof. Marie Louise Avana-Tientcheu-Senior Programme Officer, African Forest Forum
4. Dr James G. Kairo-Chief Research Scientist and Member of the International Blue Carbon
Scientific Working Group, Kenya Marine and Fisheries Research Institute (KMFRI).
5. Dr. William Ojwang-Kenya Rift Lakes Manager- World Wide Fund for Nature (WWF-Kenya)
6. Ms. Zipporah Toroitich –Deputy Chief Conservator of Forests -Plantations and Enterprise,
Kenya Forest Service (KFS)
7. Dr. James Ndufa-Deputy Director, Kenya Forestry Research Institute
8. Mr. Emillio Sempris- Regional Director, Coalition for Rainforest Nations (CfRN).
9. Dr. Jared Bosire-United Nations Environment Programme, Nairobi Convention
10. Dr. Vincent O. Oeba- National Coordinator, Climate Change Research Programme, Kenya
Forestry Research Institute (KEFRI)

Country representation: Kenya, Tanzania, United States of America, France, 54 Member
States of the Coalition for Rainforest Nations and 10 Western Indian Ocean Region countries.

Announcements planned for investments, commitments, capacity building
Financial support for investment in forestry sector, restoration of degraded forest landscapes,
support for REDD+ implementation, investment in forest and tree-based carbon offset projects,
technical and financial support for research in forestry and climate change,

Date and venue: Thursday, 7 September 2023, Kenyatta International Convention Centre,
Kenya House

Time: 1200 -1300 h

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