For its plan of work for 2019-2020, AFF plans to undertake 4 studies on several aspects related to liquid biofuels in selected African countries. For this, AFF is recruiting 4 experts to undertake the studies in four African sub-regions namely Eastern, Southern, Central and Western Africa.

Purpose of the Work

To assess African countries’ potential for production and use of liquid biofuels in as a means towards developing green and circular national economies.

Specific tasks

1) Assess trends on: a) the status of biofuel production at regional level b) land allocated for production of liquid biofuels; c) availability of feedstock for different biofuel production; d) use of agricultural crops for liquid biofuel production in specific areas in the selected countries; e) production, processing and consumption of biofuels and f) GHG emissions associated with biofuel production and use in selected countries

2) Evaluate opportunities, challenges and prospects in production and use of biofuels, as well as coping mechanisms for addressing the challenges. 3) Assess the effect of liquid biofuel production on cropland in forest margins and the implications on food security and primary forest cover loss (deforestation and forest degradation); 4) Assess the competitiveness of African biofuels in the international market; 5) Identify policy, regulatory and institutional frameworks relevant to the sustainable production, processing, transport and consumption of liquid biofuels in the context of changing climate.


The experts will be expected to deliver the following outputs: a) A report of at least 40-pages on the task; b) At least one journal article to be published together with staff at Secretariat who will get involved in this work; c) Draft a policy brief, and a fact sheet to be finalised together with the staff at Secretariat who will get involved in this work.

Minimum qualifications and skills

● Have at least a master’s degree in forestry or natural resource management, with experience in climate change and biofuels aspects; a PhD will be an advantage. ● Have at least five years’ regional working experience in sustainable forest management in Africa; ● Have written at least a book chapter, and or published peer reviewed journal papers on climate change and/or biofuel; and ● Excellent writing and oral communication skills in English or French.

Duration of assignment

The tasks in this ToR are for two person‐months, commencing on 01 December 2019 and spread over a period of three months. The experts shall work from their locations but be in close consultation with relevant staff at the AFF Secretariat while keeping to an agreed delivery schedule.

How to apply

Please email your application to AFF, quoting the title and number of this consultancy on the subject line, and attaching a proposal containing: ● Cover letter stating how you meet the above qualifications and experience requirements; ● Key results areas, corresponding specific activities and methodology for executing them; ● A data matrix listing information needs plotted against data sources; ● A draft work plan (clear deliverables plotted against work weeks for each key result); ● A tentative table of contents with corresponding number of pages; and ● An updated CV .

Please apply, with the subject line: “CONSULTANCY No: …………. AFF – THE POTENTIAL OF AFRICAN COUNTRIES FOR THE PRODUCTION AND USE OF LIQUID BIOFUELS AS A STRATEGY FOR DEVELOPING GREEN AND CIRCULAR ECONOMIES IN AFRICA” and indicating for which region you are applying for, to Dr Doris Mutta at d.mutta@cgiar.org and Dr Henri-Noël Bouda at h.bouda@cgiar.org, with a copy to exec.sec@afforum.org

To download the Terms of Reference, click on the following links:

Terms of Reference (English)

Terms of Reference (French)

Application deadline is 20 November 2019.Only successful applicants will be contacted.