The Victorian Association of Forest Industries Inc. (VAFI) is a peak body for the timber and forest industry in Victoria. Source: Timberbiz For more than 130 years, the association has served the Victorian industry, advocating to Government and key stakeholders on behalf of its members, and the industry more broadly. The association works to ensure an economically, environmentally and socially sustainable future for Victoria’s timber and forest supply chain. VAFI represents the entire lifecycle of the timber and forest industry, whether you work in the forest (plantation and native), manage the product, process the material, work in haulage, or are just a supporter of the industry. The association reflects the changing dynamic of the industry, and works towards ensuring it operates as one, fully integrated supply chain. The association is serious about getting the best outcome for members and showcasing the Victorian timber and forest industry in the best possible light. As a peak body, VAFI delivers the industry’s vision for a strong, sustainable future. As 2018 is a state election year in Victoria, the VAFI is keen to ensure that it is hearing as broad an industry voice as possible to fully inform and advocate to Government and the opposition when they are developing policies and programs that have a direct impact on those who work in the industry. Being a member of this influential body for the timber and forest industry provides assurance that the needs and business requirements of the industry are a vital part of VAFI’s advocacy work. A commitment to VAFI ensures the association can continue doing what it does best – working for a bright future for the timber and forest industry. Membership benefits include: Advocacy Policy advice Media and communications advice and information Networking and Events Access to national representation Industry representation Technical support Membership options: There are currently three levels of VAFI membership available, offering direct targeted services to each member. Full Members Any business, entity, firm or company who is an employer in the value-added supply chain, including but not limited to: forest growing and management; harvesting and haulage; saw milling and processing; pulp and paper manufacturing; timber manufactured products; wood panel and board production; timber import, export and merchandising operations in Victoria or adjacent areas. Associate Members Any associated business, or organisation involved in the timber and forest industry. Individual Supporter Members Any person supportive of the timber and forest supply chain who supports the work of the Association For more information visit or get in touch with VAFI CEO Tim Johnston on (03) 9611 9000 or