Scale Specialist
WFP is currently seeking a Scale Specialist based out of our Port McNeill Forest Operation located in Port McNeill, BC.
The Role
The Scale Specialist is responsible for collecting, importing and processing of daily scale records from multiple sites in various formats and must have the ability to communicate with multiple contacts on a daily basis. Accurate and timely submission and monitoring of scale records to HBS according to the operational Scale Site Authorizations requires a wellorganized and detailoriented individual who possesses the ability to work well with minimal supervision while under pressure and deadlines.
In addition to the daily production responsibilities, there will also be a requirement to perform daily inventoryrelated tasks such as processing and reconciling of Boom Cutoffs and Boom Completions; daily, weekly and monthly reporting; setup and maintenance of the LIMS database with regards to operational logging areas; miscellaneous invoicing and contractor pay requirements.
Qualifications & Requirements
The successful candidate must be proficient in Microsoft Office OS, including Outlook, Word, Excel and Adobe. Preference will be given to applicants with experience in the logging industry and the following applications: Log Inventory & Management System (LIMS), Log Data Manager (LDM), and the Harvest Billing System (HBS).
The Rewards
Western’s key strength is its dynamic people. With more than 2,000 talented and motivated employees, the company has industry  leading  knowledge of  the fibre  base,  skills in product manufacturing  and dedication to customer service as well as a commitment to safety, community and environmental values.
Western’s valued employees are dedicated to their profession, coworkers, communities, company and customers. Their inspiring and unique skill sets and commitment to achieving excellence are reflected in Western’s products, processes and culture of continuous improvement and Innovation.
The Company
Western Forest Products Inc. is margin focused timberlands manager and wood producer committed to building a profitable and globally competitive forest products business. At Western, we are committed to the safety of our employees, the culture of performance and the discipline to achieve results.
On the Coast of British Columbia, we source high quality fibre from six distinct coastal BC tree species, each having its own unique properties, providing for the demands of our global customer base. Our access to quality fibre, means our wide range of products are consistently available to discerning buyers world wide.
We have the largest investment in Coastal manufacturing with 10 flexible milling facilities and a reputation for high quality products, to exacting customer specifications. This positions us as a preferred supplier to customers from over 25 countries. Those customers are supported by service agents in more than 15 locations around the world to source exactly what they need to be delivered on time.