Manage Resource Technical Services GIS Analysts
Manage the analysis, software, and data flow for all company GIS including ongoing daily workflow requirements as well as special non-recurring and periodic projects
Direct supervision of two (2) staff positions
Develop thorough understanding of Resources user groups and RTS shop processes expanding RTS bench strength
Develop and maintain all short term and long term System deployment, training, and continuous improvement plans
Model company core values
System Integration

Work with Resources staff to understand existing group and department work flows
Develop plans for enhancing existing GIS, paper/analog, and spreadsheet tracking processes through migration to the System
Identify opportunities for work flow efficiency gains through modifications to existing data management structures and increased utilization of the System

System Design

Responsible for all System data schema definition ensuring that schema definition is capable of supporting resource management needs
Develop protocol for reviewing schema changes to ensure change impact is controlled and manageable
Define any custom user interface and user tool requirements
Develop custom user interfaces and tools
Define requirements of recurring GIS products such as contract maps and bank reporting request
Ensure standardization of recurring product appearance and data storage protocol
Stay current on commercial GIS software developments
Recommend and implement software enhancements and platform changes
Play lead role in all System capital expenditure projects
Assist the Forest Inventory and Research Manager as needed with Timber Inventory capital expenditure projects

Data Integrity

Ensure maintenance of GIS data schema definition
Ensure maintenance of GIS meta-data documentation
Develop data quality standards to eliminate the introduction of poor quality data to core datasets
Develop and ensure use of data quality auditing tools

Data Analysis

Manage GIS analytical support of various business ventures
Develop tools for automating and expanding the use of GIS analysis within Resources work groups

Staff Training

Work with resource staff to design appropriate training paths and schedules
Develop topic specific System training materials
Conduct both 1 on 1 and larger group training sessions

Staff Management

Implement effective safety protocols
Review and prioritize GIS Analyst workload
Assign projects to GIS Analysts including performance standards and completion dates
Recruit, hire and train GIS Analyst staff
Ensure all direct and indirect employees receive semi – annual PE consistent with objectives
Ensure all GIS products meet or exceed current industry standards
Foster a positive teamwork environment that encourages active collaboration and retention
Ensure staff activities are cost effective and consistent with need/objectives


Prepare annual budget including training, software and product costs by month
Maintain System deployment status report on share point to enhance customer visibility


BS in Forest Engineering or Forest Management with 10+ years of GIS management experience or BS in GIS with 10+ years of managing GIS data for a forest resources business
Experience and proficiency with Microsoft Office
Strong interpersonal skills
Excellent listening, written, and verbal communication skills
Strong analytical and problem solving ability


Experience python programmer
Experience using ESRI Portal to develop web maps
Familiar with ESRI ArcSDE and version management
Familiar with database management