Entry level laborer sawmill duties include, but are not limited to:  General cleanup, removal of wood waste and debris, pulling and sorting graded lumber from moving conveyor, tending machines, stacking boards and relieving operators as needed. 
– Must be 18+ years old to work in an industrial sawmill environment
– Must have HS Diploma/GED
– Must be able to continuously stand, walk, lift, squat, bend, twist, crawl, kneel, climb,   and reach above shoulders safely.  The weight required to be lifted each normal workday   may occasionally exceed fifty (50) pounds at a time
– Applicants will be subject to a criminal background check.  However, having a criminal   record will not automatically eliminate you from consideration for the job.  Records will   be considered based on the requirements of RCW 9.96A.020, RCW 43.43, WAC
– Must be able to successfully pass a drug test and pre-employment physical exam
– Need to be available for all shifts
– Prefer a steady work history
– 40 plus hours a week
– Shift work
– Full time