Position Purpose/Summary

Under administrative direction of City Forester, participate and supervise a City-wide program of care and maintenance of trees on public properties, parks, greenbelts and forested areas of the City; to assist with the implementing of the City’s urban forestry plans; to prepare and implement a public relations program to protect and preserve the City’s forest resources; and to do related work as required. Must be available for emergency callout duties after normal working hours and on weekends.

Essential Functions

Schedules and supervises, as well as participates in, the inspection, planting, removal, pruning, trimming and maintenance of trees on City property
Supervises the trimming of trees by public utilities for clearance from utility lines
Instructs personnel in good forestry practices; inspects trees for pests and disease and schedules spraying or treatment operations
Keeps abreast of developments of insecticides, fungicides and herbicides; diagnose tree and plant diseases; makes chemical tests of soil to determine treatment needed to promote tree or plant health and growth
Prepares budget requests for forestry programs
Supervises maintenance of tree and plant nursery stock; requisition and purchasing of materials
Uses safe working methods in operation of equipment
Makes tree surveys
Implements a public relations program for forest resources, prepares press releases and public information; preparation, maintenance and implementation of forestry management plan, to include tree trimming and care, site improvement, tree plantings and removals
Prepare and maintain an inventory of tree population by species and age groups within the City and a general survey of trees on private property within the City
Drafts reports and prepares contract specifications, solicit bids, monitors contract work in the field
Administer payments to contractors; may act for the Urban Forester in their absence under the direction of the Director of Parks, Buildings, and Recreation. 
Performs related work as required.

Knowledge, Skills, and Abilities

Knowledge of tree trimming and safety practices and equipment used in tree climbing including aerial lift truck
Knowledge of plant and tree diseases and pests, and their eradication and control; knowledge of modern supervisory methods
Knowledge of the operation and maintenance of power equipment and tools used in tree work
Ability to prepare, present, implement and enforce the City’s Tree Protection Ordinance
 Ability to prepare contract specifications.
 Ability to schedule, supervise and participate in the work of several crews
 Ability to make chemical tests of soils
Ability to instruct others in the safe use of tree and plant maintenance tools and equipment
Ability to present information verbally and in writing
Ability to maintain records of activities
Ability to establish and maintain effective relationships with others.

Education and Experience

Any combination equivalent to a Bachelor’s Degree in Urban Forestry or related field, including courses in arboriculture and horticulture, specializing in urban forestry
Five years in a supervisory capacity in tree and grounds care and maintenance.

City of Springfield