Nick Milestone, the key speaker at this year’s Frame Australia conference, has a clear message: offsite construction is a game-changer for the construction industry. Source: Timberbiz It’s the answer to the long-standing industry debate about how productivity and innovation can build better buildings faster. “Offsite manufacture for onsite installation provides the solution to address quality and performance,” says the 34-year veteran of the construction industry, who is the associate director – projects at William Hare Ltd, UK, a global company that has executed projects in over 50 countries. Mr Milestone takes a flexible approach to projects, just as he did in his previous job as managing director of B & K Structures, the UK’s leading sustainable structural frame contractor, specialising in design and delivery of hybrid structures “Enhanced production processes combined with strict quality controls in well-managed factories, deliver predictability,” he said. Taking full advantage of offsite manufacturing techniques, he says, gets the best result in terms of speed, cost and sustainability. Read more of his views and news plus all the latest industry information in Australasian Timber June edition.