The internet is undoubtedly a powerful tool of global communication with unlimited potential for both individuals and organisations. However, for organisations to fully exploit its potential, they must invest in the right technology, use the right approaches and develop relevant and appropriate content.
For this reason, AFF has revamped its website to enhance online experience with its target audience. The website is now easy to navigate, more interactive and offers an effective online communication platform between AFF and its stakeholders. It is compliant with cutting edge technology including Web 2.0, W3C, Valid XHTML and RFC.
The new website also comes with a login access intranet services with access privilege assigned by the administrator. Intranet services include online application management for membership and vacancies, creating and maintaining a comprehensive profile, newsletter subscriptions, conference/meeting management, file sharing, bulletin board and image data base.  
Due to the additional features, the new website offers more content and diverse options for interacting and sharing the same with a wider audience. Users will now enjoy more options, including an opportunity to respond to polls and surveys as well as making comments on and/or rate articles. The site also allows for social network integration with the possibility of sharing web page on Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and LinkedIn.
In addition, the website allows for online subscription and distribution of AFF newsletters and supports a wide variety of content: books, working papers, reports, and policy briefs. It also allows for online application management (online application, list data management, data export, auto alerts, and customizable workflow), membership search, statistics and graphics display, member profile self-update, file sharing with restriction to member category, member newsletter, member polling, member messaging, full website integration.
Finally, the site can display summary information on our membership and benefits, and displays interactive graphics of members by location and other selected fields in addition to collating conference information, online registration/cancellation/confirmation and generating related reports and information
More people visiting AFF’s website
Statistics from the AFF website indicate that in 2013, the site registered impressive growth in terms of the number and diversity to the site. There was a 35% increase in the number of visitors in 2013 while 65% of those who visited the site earlier returned. This is an indication that AFF has interesting information that makes people to visit the site again. It is also an incentive to AFF that it can increasingly rely on cyberspace to reach more people in future and in a more cost effective manner.
In terms of diversity, the website was accessed from 112 countries, with most visits having emanated from Kenya (35%).  Other countries with significant visits to the site included the United States, United Kingdom, India, South Africa, Ethiopia, Ghana, Tanzania, Germany, Burkina Faso and France.
With enhanced features, we expect the website to have more impact in our endeavor to reach out and engage our stakeholders in our activities.