In late 2002, the African Academy of Sciences (AAS), the Royal Swedish Academy of Agriculture and Forestry (KSLA) and the Forestry Department of FAO jointly initiated a project entitled “Lessons learnt on Sustainable Forest management in Africa”.  In February 2004, a workshop was held in Nairobi presenting and discussing nine papers on various aspects of forest management, use and conservation in Africa and experiences on these from which lessons could be learnt. The papers had been commissioned to expertise in different institutions and companies on the continent. During the workshop a few additional case studies were also presented. Among them, Mr. Åke Barklund, outgoing Director for Sida’s Regional Land Management Unit (RELMA), suggested three case studies capturing some RELMA experiences over the last years:

Ethiopian land and tree tenure.
The Vi Agroforestry Programme in Kenya, Tanzania and Uganda.
Forest Certification in Africa.