This issue provides a broad overview of some of the most pressing concerns in the forestry sector, with the intention that subsequent issues of this publication will dwell on other equally important concerns that could not be accommodated in this issue. AFF plans to produce, with potential partners, such issues once every 2-4 years, resources permitting.

The first chapter explores ways through which SFM can be facilitated to grow on the continent. The actual state of forest resources on the continent is an area that FAO has covered well in its regular publications on the same, so this report does not delve into this. Chapter 2 then looks at how the continent can increase the supply of industrial round wood outside its natural forests by examining the current state, management and supply of germ plasm or planting stock. Following investments in forest and tree establishment in various landscapes is the necessity to protect such investments from pests and diseases, among other vagaries. That is the subject of Chapter 3 that examines the current state, management and control of pests and diseases that afflict forests and tree resources on the continent. Climate change is increasingly bringing another dimension in managing forests and trees outside forests in the sense that a new commercial product, forest carbon, has been introduced to the forestry sector. In addition, climate change is affecting these resources while at the same time these resources affect climate change. This is the focus of Chapter 4. Biofuel development and use on the continent is growing, and this is in tandem with global efforts to develop clean energy through renewable resources. These and other issues are explored in Chapter 5.