In the first phase of the project “Lessons learnt on Sustainable Forest Management in Africa” (SFM I, 2002–2005) – funded by Sida and carried out jointly by the African Forest Research Network (AFORNET), the FAO Forest Department and the Royal Swedish Academy of Agriculture and Forestry (KSLA) – it was decided to analyse whether there are relevant lessons to be learnt for sub-Saharan Africa from the development of successful management, use and conservation of forests in Sweden. Several studies were commissioned (e.g. Hamilton, 2004, Sjunnesson, 2004, and Barklund, 2004), consultations made with individuals and institutions, and discussions held in the course of the project. All this resulted, among else, in a summary document “Development of SFM in Sweden – any lessons for Africa?”, which eventually was published in the African Academy of Sciences’ magazine Discovery & Innovation (Lundgren, 2009).