The role of forests in fighting climate change has been acknowledged worldwide. Climate change mitigation interventions, and in particular, measures to ensure Carbon sequestration are aimed at improving the Carbon storage capacity of forest ecosystems, whereas conservation activities provide ways of reducing forest Carbon emissions. These interventions are highlighted in articles 5.1 and 5.2 of the Paris Agreement ( Forests and trees outside forests provide huge opportunities for African countries to respond to their post-2020 climate change mitigation commitments. However, the contribution of forests and/or trees to the mitigation measures will depend on how these critical resources are incorporated into policies, strategies, programmes and projects. Success of the interventions could further depend on how stakeholders that are involved in the climate change response policy processes are informed on the potential, challenges and opportunities of forest-based climate change mitigation policies, strategies, and actions. Consequently, it is important to provide some basic information to enable relevant stakeholders to appreciate the role of forestry and forests in climate change mitigation approaches.