Burundi is a small landlocked country covering 27 834 km² of which 25 200 km² are terrestrial. It is located in the Great Lakes region of Africa between 29°00′ and 30°54′ East and 2°20′ and 4°28′ South (RB, 2005). Burundi is positioned between the Republic of Rwanda to the north, the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) to the west, and the United Republic of Tanzania to the east and south. It borders Lake Tanganyika, covering 32 600 km², of which 2 634 km² is within Burundian waters (Figure 1). According to the general census of August 2008, Burundi’s population was estimated at 8 037 000 inhabitants comprising 51.1% women and 48.9% men. The density of 289 inhabitants per km² makes Burundi one of the African countries with highest population densities (RB/UNDP, 2010)