The African Forest Forum (AFF) website serves as a knowledge and information hub on African forestry for its members and stakeholders. It avails knowledge on priority issues that are critical for the development of the forest sector including current, new and emerging issues, to inform policy making, investment decisions and capacity building at continental, regional and national levels.

AFF’s website also provides daily information drawn from the news, social media, international and business community that form the agenda of on-going discussions, making it both transparent and accessible to all stakeholders. It gives greater access to data and emerging knowledge through collaboration with more members and organizations, while enhancing data literacy around the world.

In the year 2016, a detailed analysis of the website’s performance from January – November, has been undertaken to evaluate its progress in meeting objectives of the AFF communications strategy. The aim was to decipher a clear understanding of the website’s progress in meeting objectives of the AFF communications strategy. Findings for each of the key metrics are presented in this report through the most widely used web analytics service on the Internet – Google Analytics. For each of the key variables, specific ways to improve performance have been recommended in order to increase effectiveness of the website.