The African Forest Forum (AFF) celebrated, in May 2019, ten years of its active work on African forestry. Since its establishment in December 2006, AFF developed project activities and obtained funding for them with the actual work starting in 2008. The activities targeted improving livelihoods of the people of Africa and the environment they live in through the sustainable management and wise use of tree and forest resources on the African continent. AFF is a people centred institution, and advocates for wise use forest and tree resources to improve peoples’ livelihoods and national economies in an environmentally friendly manner. As a build-up to the 10th anniversary event, AFF conducted a survey between November and December 2018 to track access, uptake and use of the information and knowledge products the institution generated and shared over this ten-year period (2008 – 2018). In addition, the survey also sought to identify ways for improving AFF communication tools with the aim of increasing the uptake, use and impact of its knowledge products.