Good policy making and implementation must be based on sound science based knowledge. Our activities promote the generation, sharing, and uptake of relevant information by African forest stakeholders in policy formulation and implementation.

The best ideas in the world exist in a vacuum if there is no communication. Therefore, it is a priority of AFF to provide a platform for sharing information and expertise, and to build and strengthen networking among stakeholders in African forests.

“There is no doubt about the amount of interest which the establishment of AFF has generated within its short period of existence.” – from the external review of AFF activities, 2011

Information management and sharing, and networking

We facilitate activities that generate science-based knowledge, and we collect, analyse, and synthesise this information to be shared among all of our stakeholders. We promote the dissemination of the latest knowledge of best forestry practices, and foster communication through our website, through various publications (books, journal articles, newsletters, policy briefs