The planet has its budget; the expected quantity of resources it is supposed to use for a particular period while replenishing. This is a measure that is expected to monitor, address the process of usage of the Earth’s resources. Yet this year, the inhabitants of the earth used up a year worth of resources by July 29th, 2019 earlier than its proposed date. Simply put, we are now spending way much more than the earth can ever make for consumption in 2019. This year, the recorded cause of the overshoot is largely attributed to carbon (CO2) emissions. Carbon emissions from factories, automobiles, etc. have played a huge part in destroying the ecosystem.

Such a day as the 29th is known as Earth Overshoot Day. It is a term that was coined in 2006 by Andrew Simms of the UK Think Tank in collaboration with Global footprint network (GFN), a concerned environmentally aware international research group.

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