Volkswagen ClimatePartner GmbH, a Munich-based joint venture by Volkswagen Kraftwerk GmbH and ClimatePartner GmbH has joined the voluntary carbon market. The newly established company develops and finances high-quality carbon offset projects, accelerating the transition towards sustainable ecosystems. The firm, interested in long-term partnerships, is looking for project partners to develop carbon offset projects with a focus on nature-based solutions –especially forest conservation, afforestation, and agroforestry – and sustainable energy production.

Volkswagen ClimatePartner GmbH started its operations in March 2022, uniting an experienced international and interdisciplinary team that provides its expertise in ecosystem management concepts, technology transfer and project financing. The joint venture was founded by Volkswagen Kraftwerk GmbH and ClimatePartner GmbH, with the goal to develop high-quality carbon offsets. Both parties will share the carbon credits resulting from the developed projects.

In combination with their positive effect on the climate, the projects will support the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (UN SDGs). “Our purpose is to protect and sustainably manage natural ecosystems that create better living conditions for communities on the frontlines of climate change”, says managing director, Michael Rumberg. “We are now looking for project initiators, authorities, operators, and local organizations who want to work with us on impactful carbon offset projects that have a strong focus on social co-benefits”, adds Angelika Hilger, who joined the company as managing director in July 2022.

The carbon offset developer now released a call for submissions, inviting ideas for projects that generate carbon offsets through the avoidance, reduction, or removal of greenhouse gases. The venture is open to financing and acquiring offsets from nature-based, transport, and technical or
engineered removal, with a preference for nature-based solutions. Projects must have at least a clear pathway to becoming verified by an established carbon standard for more conventional project types. The call also allows for the submission of “lighthouse projects” that are much smaller in volume but address an innovative niche.

For further information, download:

  1. Call for Submissions: Carbon Offset Project Idea Note (PIN)
  2. Pin Submission Template

To submit project ideas, contact Volkswagen ClimatePartner GmbH here