20 October, 2021

14:00 (Rome), 21:00 (Tokyo), 8:00 (Santiago)

Language: English, French, Spanish

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This webinar is the last of a series of online events to be held in September and October under the common topic of “Halting deforestation: approaches and tools for forest-positive commodity value chains.”

This session will cover the following objectives:

·    Provide an overview of opportunities to use climate finance, including REDD+ funding mechanisms, to develop forest-positive agriculture;

·    Provide an overview of how carbon finance can incentivize private sector investment in forest-positive agriculture, conservation and restoration of forests;

·    Provide an overview of advanced technical requirements to improve access to climate finance, including accounting methods, clear carbon rights and distribution of benefits;

·    Share experiences and lessons learned from countries’ efforts to utilize climate finance as a catalyst for scaling ups and implement forest-positive agriculture, and demonstrate how this supports national climate ambitions and transformational change.

About the seminar series:

FAO/MAFF seminar series “Halting deforestation: approaches and tools for forest-positive commodity value chains” will bring together actors from the agriculture, forestry, planning and finance sectors in producer and consumer countries to share experiences, lessons and emerging opportunities to achieve forest positive commodity value chains. The series will cover the following topics:

Session 1: Inclusive forest-positive agriculture through integrated landscape approaches: the role of government


Date and time: 8 September 2021, 14:00-15:30 CEST

Recordings: bit.ly/ForestPosWeb-rec

Session 2: De-risking agriculture supply chains: Including forests in due diligence processes


Date and time: 22 September 2021, 15:00-16:30 CEST

Registration: bit.ly/ForestPosWeb-rec

Session 3: Climate finance opportunities to foster forest-positive agriculture


Date and time: 20 October 2021, 14:00-15:30 CEST

Registration: bit.ly/ForestPos3

To know more about the webinar series, please go to: https://bit.ly/ForestPosWeb