Governing Council

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Functions  of the Governing Council

Subject to the provisions of this Constitution, the policy and direction of the affairs shall be vested in the Governing Council and without prejudice to the foregoing generality, the functions of the Governing Council shall be:

  1. To elect Chair and Vice-Chair of the Governing Council in acting capacity when such offices fall vacant before an election;
  2. Appoint members of the Executive Committee;
  3. Recruit the Executive Secretary;
  4. Subject to approval and ratification by the Members’ Forum, formulate rules and procedures for the conduct of the Governing Council;
  5. Formulate policies and procedures to guide the activities and overall development of AFF;
  6. Approve and ratify agreements, contracts, policies, programmes, applications for membership, budgets, membership fees, seat of the AFF and the Charter and Constitution and amendments thereto;
  7. Receive, review and make decisions on submissions from the Executive Committee and the Secretariat;
  8. Evaluate, approve and monitor the work of the Executive Committee and the Secretariat;
  9. Make rules and regulations and set guidelines with respect to financial management and procurement activities;
  10. Appoint external auditors to undertake annual audits of the accounts of AFF;
  11. Appoint independent consultants to undertake systems audit and a general audit of the activities of AFF every four years;
  12. Delegate to the Executive Committee or any other Committee it may appoint, such powers and functions as may be deemed necessary and practical for the effective and efficient implementation of the functions and objectives of AFF;
  13. Subject to approval by the Members’ Forum to undertake any other functions that may be necessary and appropriate to achieve the objects of AFF;
  14. To furnish annual reports to the Non-Governmental Organisation Board of Kenya on or before 31st May in every year;
  15. To furnish annual financial statements and reports of the activities of AFF to members   

AFF Governing Council

AFF Governing Council

A. Central Africa

  • Sebastien Malele Mbala (Vice-Chair)-Democratic  Republic of  Congo (DRC)
  • Andre Mandigou-Gabon
  • Ms Marie Louise Avana Tientcheu- Cameroon

B. East Africa

  • Fredrick Owino-Kenya
  • Jean Baptiste Nduwayezu- Rwanda
  • Gerald Monela -Tanzania

C. North and North Eastern Africa

  • Demel Teketay-Ethiopia
  • Abdelazim  Mirghani Ibrahim – Republic of Sudan

D. Southern Africa

  • Ms Alima Issufo-Mozambique
  • Ms Anna Chileshe Masinja-Zambia
  • Peter Gondo-Zimbabwe

E. West Africa

  • Marcathy Afolabi Oyebo (Chair)-Nigeria
  •  Ibro Adamou - Niger
  • Victor Kwame Agyeman-Ghana.

F. Private Sector

  • Humphrey Mwaniki Ngibuini- Gatsby Charitable Foundation

G. Civil Society Organisations

  • Ben Chikamai –Network for Gums and Resins in Africa (NGARA)
  • Joseph Cobbinah-Forestry Research Network for Sub-Saharan Africa (FORNESSA)

H. Friends of African Forestry

  • Bjorn Lundgren (Sweden)
  • Juegern Blaser (Switzerland)

G. Observers

  • Almami Dampha- Africa  Union Commission (AUC)
  • Foday Bojang- Food and Agriculture Organisation of the United Nations (FAO)
  • Ms Afsa Kemitale-United Nations Forum on Forests ( UNNFF) Secretariat
  • Berhanu Abegaz- The African Academy of Sciences (AAS)
  • International Tropical Timber Organisation ( ITTO)
  • Martin Tadoum-Commission des Forêts ď Afrique Centrale  (COMIFAC)
  • Ravi Prahbu-World Agroforestry Centre (ICRAF)

Ex-Officio – Godwin Kowero – Executive Secretary


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