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Kangaroo Island Plantation Timbers (KIPT) is negotiating with various government agencies, with a view to eliminating all outstanding matters of contention before lodging its Environmental Impact Statement (EIS). Source: Timberbiz KIPT previously said it would refrain for giving precise guidance about the timing of the approval for its KI Seaport development at Smith Bay on Kangaroo Island. As far as possible, KIPT aims to lodge the EIS in a form capable of rapid approval. This has involved: Refinements to the design of in-water structures to provide increased protection to the neighbouring onshore abalone farm from creek effluent, which is currently an acknowledged source of problems for that business. Relocating the dredge footprint in such a way as to increase separation from the nearest sensitive receptors. Refinements to the in-water design to limit the causeway footprint in deeper water, while enabling larger Panamax size vessels to berth safely. Refinements to the design of on-land facilities, to enable efficient materials handling and to work more effectively within the constraints of the site. Working with Kangaroo Island Council and with the Government of South Australia regarding an agreed road route to Smith Bay, and the use of high-productivity vehicles over that route. The company expects to have these matters sufficiently finalised to enable the lodgement of the EIS at the end of the current quarter. Subject to the satisfactory completion of coastal process modellling for the revised in-water structure, which is expected in August, the company expects to have all outstanding matters sufficient finalized to enable the lodgment of the EIS at around the end of the current quarter. Further modifications to the development proposal may result from submissions received as part of the public and government consultation period, expected to be completed in the following quarter. KIPT has stated that its ownership of additional land immediately to the west of the development site offers a number of options. The KI Seaport is the key to unlocking more than $60m per annum in forestry exports for South Australia and the creation of more than 260 full-time jobs, more than 230 on Kangaroo Island.

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