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The new Nokian Tractor King by Nokian Tyres, was launched at Euroforest 2018 which was on from 21–23 June. This is a new tractor tyre for the heaviest of machinery and the most difficult terrain in forestry, earthmoving and road construction. Source: Timberbiz The design from all-new tread pattern to fortified carcass is nothing short of revolutionary in a tractor tyre. The demands set for an ultimate tractor tyre have grown difficult to meet since machine weights, horsepower and road speeds have all increased. Nokian Tractor King is revolutionary from surface to core. It essentially has the carcass of a heavy-duty earthmoving tyre, complete with steel belts, extra cord layers and Aramid-reinforced sidewalls. This combined with strong rubber compound makes it extremely resistant against cuts and punctures of forestry, earthmoving and road construction work. Many lugged tyres suffer from vibration problems, worsening with speed and tyre wear. Nokian Tractor King offers smooth ride on high speeds as well. Its durability, wear-resistance and environmentally friendly production process make it a sustainable choice for modern forestry, giving the driver peace of mind in all conditions. Main features 50% more tractive edges- compared with conventional lug pattern. All-new tread pattern gives grip on all terrains from sticky clay to loose sand. Maximum speed 65 km/h – innovative, wear-resistant tread design for comfortable, cost-efficient mileage. High load capacity 320 kPa with a revolutionary core and sidewall design for top-class puncture-resistance.

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