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Japan’s value of wood products export in 2017 was 32,647 million yen, 37% more than 2016. Source: Lesprom The main factor is increased export of logs to China and rapid expansion of cedar lumber export to the US market, as ITTO reported. Log exports to China were 776,004 cubic metres, 61.8% more than 2016 with the value of 10,299 million yen, 83.5% more. China eyed the US market for export of cedar lumber then Japan also started exporting rough cedar lumber for the US market mainly for fencing. The US market prefers dark colored sap wood and black core, which the Japan market does not like. Also, cedar has strong water resistance and durability for exterior use. Cedar lumber exports to the US market in 2017 were 15,000 cubic metres, four times more than 2016. Korea prefers Japanese cypress to cedar. Cypress prices are higher than cedar so that export value for Korea is higher than China. For Taiwan, log export volumes are declining but lumber exports continue expanding. The majority of shipping ports are in Kyushu, which is closer to China and Korea geographically.

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