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The Environment Committee of the National Assembly has called on the government to impose an immediate ban on logging, saying the country is facing an environmental crisis.


In a press briefing at parliament buildings, the Committee on Wednesday, February 20, recommended that the Kenya Forestry Services (KFS) revokes all existing logging licenses. “The destruction of our national forests through unchecked logging is having a devastating impact on our water towers which are increasingly drying up. As a nation, we must take bold action to save our forests and preserve our towers,” said the committee’s chair, Maara MP Kareke Mbiuki.


“The unchecked logging destroying our forests must cease,” he added.


The Parliamentary Committee on Environment also wants a multi-agency team formed to undertake a holistic audit of the country’s  forest cover, to inform the government on a future forest conservation plan.


The committee also proposed that the Kenya Water Towers agency be anchored in the presidency. 

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