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The new program will channel $500 million to forest countries that meet all the UNFCCC requirements, and who can demonstrate success in halting deforestation and forest degradation and/or in conserving and enhancing forest carbon stocks. The results must be expressed in terms of tons of verified emission reductions of carbon dioxide equivalent (tCO2 eq) and be achieved at the national level or the subnational level as an interim measure. They must also be in strict compliance with the UNFCCC and GCF guidelines and procedures, including addressing and respecting the Cancun Safeguards. 

The pilot program for REDD+ Results-Based Payments will only pay $5 USD/ton, but it will offer a learning opportunity, and a tangible incentive for forest countries to continue their efforts to halt deforestation. Furthermore, the new program will require recipient countries to reinvest the proceeds in activities in line with their Nationally Determined Contributions, national REDD+ strategies, or low carbon development plans. Transference of the emissions reductions or their use for other purposes (e.g. as offsets) will not be allowed. 

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