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The main thrust of this strategic objective is to build and strengthen networking among the many and varied stakeholders in forestry in Africa with the purpose of sharing relevant information among stakeholders in African forestry.

To achieve this we will employ the cutting edge in knowledge management concepts, processes and tools available for the explicit and systematic management of vital knowledge - and its associated processes of creation, organization, diffusion, use and exploitation - in pursuit of AFF’s objectives.

It is important to note that knowledge encompasses both tacit knowledge (in people’s heads) and explicit knowledge (codified and expressed as information in databases, documents etc). Our networking program will address the processes of knowledge development and transfer for both these basic forms.

Our Networking Strategy

Our members
What network relevant characterstics do they possess?
  • Immense knowledge and skills in forestry and related areas
  • Eager to advance AFF’s vision and mission
  • Universal access to emails
  • Moderate access
Our message
What is the information, knowledge and skills to be shared?
  • Best practices in SFM
  • Emerging issues in forestry and related fields
Our implementation plan
How do we ensure effeciency and effectiveness of our networking activities?
  • IP Policies
  • Processes
  • Resources
  • M&E systems
Our objective
What is the result we aim for from networking activities?
  • Inform, educate, guide
  • Motivate, call to action
  • Connect, position
  • Increase AFF’s visibility and influence
Our platforms
What are the primary information sharing platforms to be employed?
  • Face-to-face (meetings, workshops, dialogues, negotiations)
  • Email, Website, Blogs
  • Social networking
  • WIKIs, knowledge management, training (institutions)
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