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Functions of the Executive Committee

The Executive Committee (EC) is a Committee of the Governing Council (GC) and therefore reports to the GC. The members of the EC are recruited from the GC, by the GC, as well as their manner of replacement.Apart from other instructions the Executive Committee might, from time to time, receive from the Governing Council, the specific mandate of the Committee is to:

  1. Recommend to the GC draft rules and procedures for the conduct of the GC.
  2. Recommend to the GC draft policies and procedures to guide the activities and overall development of the AFF.
  3. Recommend, and where necessary approve, for later ratification by the GC, agreements, contracts, policies, procedures, programmes and applications for membership.
  4. Oversee the work of the Secretariat, including evaluation and monitoring.
  5. Cultivate, with the secretariat, relevant partners for AFF.
  6. Ensure that all relevant statutory requirements for an international NGO based in Kenya, including financial requirements, are complied with.
  7. Initiate, as appropriate, activities that will contribute to the achievement of the objectives of the AFF and submit to the GC for approval.
  8. Undertake any other functions that may be necessary and appropriate to achieve the objects of AFF, subject to approval by the GC.

Members of the Executive Committee

  1. Macarthy Oyebo- Chair-Nigeria
  2. Sebastien Malélé-Vice Chair-Democratic Republic of Congo
  3. Fredrick Owino-Kenya; Alternate: Gerald Monela-Tanzania
  4. Demel Teketay-Ethiopia; Alternate: Abdelazim  Mirghani Ibrahim (Sudan)
  5. Anna Chileshe –Masinja (Zambia): Alima Issufo  Taquidir-Mozambique; Alternate 

Ex – officio: Godwin Kowero- Executive Secretary (AFF).

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